A new time slot for the Memebership Board meetings

Earlier this month Kilos (a Membership Board member) started a discussion on the Membership Board ML about adding a new slot to the board, the proposition is to have 2 boards on the 1st Thursday of the month, the 1st by 20UTC and the 2nd by 22UTC as usual..

The Official Ubuntu Book for Approved LoCos


I know that this is an old story, but I should share it on my blog any way.. As they say "Better late than never"

Ubuntu-Tn LoCo Pack

Last Monday I received the LoCo Pack.. I was so happy to finally get some extra perks to use during the events.

World's Larget Linux User Trends

Certificate of Ubuntu Membership

Today I get my Certificate of Ubuntu Membership, it comes in a package that contains the Certificate, an Ubuntu 14.04 CD and a flyer saying W MISTAKENLY PROMISED YOU 18 MOTHS OF SUPPORT. WE ACTUALLY GIVING YOU FIVE YEARS.

Getting the certificate i a really a good way to be more motivated bout supporting FOSS and Ubuntu..

The photos are here

IT Career

IT Training Infographic - Pick Your Path to IT Career Success - An infographic by the team at CBT Nuggets

Check Email Validation


Today am sharing with you a Python script that can helps you verify if an email address is valid or not.. The script reads the email address from a text file, so you can make the script check as many emails as your file contain..

Reset the Net

Virtual Richard M. Stallman !?!

Hey again,

Did you asked yourself if one day RMS takes a look at applications installed on your PC what will he said about how much FOSS apps do you use?

Do ou think that RMS will be happy or be annoyed? ;-)

So if you're a Ubuntu or Debian user you can install the vrms application.. As mentioned in the man page: "This program analyzes the currently-installed package list on a Debian GNU/Linux system, and reports the non-free and contrib packages that are currently installed to stdout."

[Video] Brute-forcing your Box : Passwords 101 ~ By Nixie Pixil


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