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The Official Ubuntu Book for Approved LoCos | ✿♥✿ubuntiste-msakni✿♥✿

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The Official Ubuntu Book for Approved LoCos


I know that this is an old story, but I should share it on my blog any way.. As they say "Better late than never"

I am sharing with you my emails with Ubuntu-tn LoCo Team about The Official Ubuntu Book.. The conversation can be found in our LoCo Team ML archive


As you know (or maybe not) approved LoCos Teams can ask for the new version of The Official Ubuntu Book and get a paper version for free.

And for LoCos outside North America can have a digital version of the book until the person in charge can figure out a way to ship it to the LoCo Team contact.

I already asked to have the book (as we are an approved LoCo Team).

I received two (2) codes to download the book, as it is a commercial book this means that only two persons can use those codes and they can't share the book with someone else.

Meanwhile I'm trying to help the person in charge to find a way to send us the paper version.

As the two codes are for personal use only and can't share them with everyone I suggest that we use them as gift or prizes during an event, SFD maybe!

We already have the old version of the book (the former LoCo contact announced that when he got it), I suggest that we use the old version and the new version (if will get it) as prizes too.. What are you thinking about that?

And a month later, I got the paper version..

Hello @All!

Today I received the paper version of Official Ubuntu Book.

And guess what!?

They sent two copies, not just one :D

On behalf of our LoCo Team I thank you very much Mrs. Heather Fox for your help, and thank you Pearson :) :D