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Membership Board Member Interviews: Svetlana Belkin | ✿♥✿ubuntiste-msakni✿♥✿

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Membership Board Member Interviews: Svetlana Belkin

The Ubuntu Membership Board is responsible for approving new Ubuntu members. The interview goal is for the Community to get to know them better and get over the fear of applying to Membership.

The interviewee is Svetlana Belkin:

What do you do for a career?

Currently I'm working at my local supermarket in the produce department but I'm job seeking for a lab tech position within biology or even chemistry. But I'm also starting research on how to create better non-technical Open * communities.

What was your first computing experience?

My family had a Windows 3.1 almost 20 years ago. I was only four, but when I was a bit older, I played computer games on it and even was able to break the system without knowing it or how I did it. As kids, we are natural hackers.

How long have you been involved with Ubuntu?

Since July 2013, but I was using Ubuntu since 2009.

Since you are all fairly new to the Board, why did you join?

Wow, I don't even remember why I wanted to join. Perhaps as a leadership position or to help others.

What are some of the projects you’ve worked on in Ubuntu over the years?

I reamped the Ubuntu Women's "Get Involved with Ubuntu!" page, was a track lead for UOS may times, and tried to clean up the Community Help Wiki.

What is your focus in Ubuntu today?

Community building and some Ubuntu (Touch) testing.

Do you contribute to other free/open source projects? Which ones?

Just Ubuntu, though I'm involved in the Mozilla Science Lab community.

If you were to give a newcomer some advice about getting involved with Ubuntu, what would it be?

Consider the skills that you have and seek out those teams. Once you find them subscribe to their mailing-lists and introduce yourself and ask what tasks that they have for you with the skills that you have.

Do you have any other comments else you wish to share with the community?

Don't be afraid to ask questions (even the question of if you have enough contributions to apply for Membership).